We provide legal advice and services for the following types of needs:

When you deal with us, you will find that we are straight forward, friendly and efficient. Our goal is to help you understand your options and to get the best outcomes for your situation. We are not a generalised practice. We focus on areas of law which we have strong expertise in. We do not pretend to be experts at everything. Our main areas of practice are:

Property Law

There are many issues which may affect a property’s Certificate of Title including Caveats, easements, boundary disputes, transfers between spouses, subdivisions, mortgages, or loss of the Title itself to name a few. With our extensive experience in these areas, clients can rest assured that they are in good hands.


Buying or selling property is often the most important and stressful transaction of a person’s life. We understand that you won’t necessarily know all the steps involved so we see our role as ensuring you have a clear understanding of the steps and to be with you throughout the process. We make the process as simple as possible for all our clients. Services include: Purchase or sale of residential and commercial properties. Off the plan Subdivision Transferring property Purchase through Super funds

Wills and Powers of Attorney

Wills are often seen as part of planning for old age – but as soon as you have assets or dependents it’s time to create a Will that ensures your wishes are followed if you are to pass away. Powers of Attorney are very important documents during your life, especially in the later years. We are able to discuss these documents and the issues associated with them with you and draft the required documents in a straight forward and simple manner, to make the process as easy as possible.

Probate and Deceased Estates

When a loved one passes away, we are able to assist the Executor of a Will to obtain a Grant of Probate and administer the Estate in a timely and efficient manner so as to take the stress out of dealing with government institutions and banks, allowing the family appropriate time to grieve.

Commercial and Retail Leasing

We have significant experience in commercial leasing. Whether our clients are landlords or tenants of retail or commercial premises, we are able to guide them through the process and assist in protecting their interests throughout.

Business Sales and Purchases

Many of our clients run their own businesses. When it comes time to sell their business or purchase a new business we can help them comply with their legal obligations and protect their interests throughout the transaction.

Family Law

Family Law deals with the relationship between people. There are many different aspects of the Family Law including parenting matters, property and/or financial matters, spousal maintenance, child support and the like. Whether it's preparing an application for divorce or sorting through a complicated property and custody dispute we will focus on helping you achieve a timely and secure solution. It’s important to know that generally the Courts will encourage people to resolve any Family Law disputes through mediation or counselling. Those involved are actively encouraged to use alternative dispute resolution processes rather than simply choosing formal court proceedings.

Italian speaking

Fluent in written and spoken Italian. Italian language service can be provided to support legal advice.

Notary Public

Authorised to draw up or certify contracts, deeds, and other documents for use in other countries and legal jurisdictions.

Other areas of Law

Although these are our main areas of practice, we understand that many of our clients will from time to time have legal issues in other areas of law. When this arises, we provide our clients with assistance wherever possible. If we are unable to assist, we provide referrals to other practitioners who practice in those areas of law.